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Decorative Window Film

Creating Privacy in the Bathroom with Window Film

Creating Privacy in the Bathroom with Window Film

One room in the home that everyone usually agrees requires a higher level of privacy from the outside world is the bathroom. When you want to ensure more privacy for your bathroom, one excellent option is privacy residential window film.

How it works

Window film is applied on your windows, usually from the inside, using a mounting solution. When applied by professionals, the film is measured and cut to the size of your window, the solution and tinting film …

Where To Use Decorative Window Film In Your Home

Where To Use Decorative Window Film In Your Home

Thinking about tinting your home windows and wondering what options outside of the standard films are available on the market today? Take a minute to learn more about decorative window films to add style, color, tinting, and privacy that goes beyond shaded or reflective film options. 

Benefits Of Decorative Window Film In Your Home 

Beyond their attractive appearance, decorative window film offers multiple benefits: 

  • Variety in design, patterns, and intricacy 
  • Variations in opacity so you can block as much or
Gain Privacy Without Losing The View

Gain Privacy Without Losing The View

Many home and business owners appreciate the energy savings associated with window films but are ultimately more interested in privacy. The good news is that you can enjoy all of the above – and benefit from notable tax incentives to boot. 

Let The Light Shine Thru With Privacy Window Films

Worried that darkly tinted window films, or frosted or logo options, will wind up cutting your interiors off from light or the view outside? No need to worry. Window film

10 Creative Uses For Decorative Window Film

10 Creative Uses For Decorative Window Film

When you want to update the look of your windows, curtains and window blinds are usually the first thing to come to mind. But when you’re wanting something a bit different, that’s when decorative window film could be the answer.

Most people think decorative film is just for that – decoration. But it might surprise you to learn it has uses for so much more.

Let’s look at 10 creative uses for decorative window film that is more than just …

Decorative Window Film: A Stained Glass Alternative

decorative-window-film-a-stained-glass-alternativeFor centuries, stained glass windows have graced the most important buildings in the Western world. Everything from cathedrals and museums to stately homes and schools has used them – almost to no end. At once, these serve both an artistic and a functional purpose. They are, by any definition, the epitome of what a window should accomplish. Unfortunately, they are also costly to create and install.

Interior designers and other aficionados of stained glass windows understand this fact quite well …

Incorporating Window Film in Your Interior Decorating


Decorating your home offers you the chance to personalize the space in which you live. You can make a generic space into a special place for you and your family to live and enjoy. Window treatments are naturally part of most interior decorating plans. What may not be part of your plan is window film. It is something, however, that you should consider when decorating your home.

The Reality of What Is on the Other Side of the Glass

Most …

Your Business and Decorative Window Film


Having the windows of your business sized up for decorative window film may seem extraneous. Or, at least, it does until you consider the benefits. Consider all the reasons it may be right for your business, and then decide whether it is still a costly extra.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to running a business, one of the chief concerns, of course, is lowering your bottom line. While decorative window films certainly add to the aesthetic quality of your business, …