How Window Tinting Can Save Your Business Money

How Window Tinting Can Save Your Business Money

According to the US Small Business Administration, about 40 percent of what businesses pay for energy goes towards heating and cooling. There are many factors in this cost with one of the main ones being windows. Consider the fact that many older commercial buildings are still equipped with single-paned windows.

A single-paned window has a U-factor of 1.07, which means that it is a very poor insulator. Heat can travel from the inside to the outside easily in the …

Why Your Business Should Invest In Window Film


There are several reasons why you should consider investing in commercial window film. Today, the purpose is to explore six common factors that indicate your business needs to invest in commercial window film. Let’s get started!

1. Asset Deterioration

The sun’s ultra-violet rays are the primary contributor to fade and deterioration of furniture, carpets, upholstery, wood flooring, and even artwork. This can significantly depreciate the value of your assets, leading to loss of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars if …

Window Film Protecting Your Business


As a business owner, you understand how important it is for your customers and employees to feel safe. Security window film provides an added layer of protection for your place of business, establishing a tough invisible barrier that defends your glass against break-ins, burglaries and even graffiti.

Safety and Security Window Film

More than 5,000 burglaries were reported in San Francisco alone last year, and while this number actually represents a drop since the previous year, the possibility of a …

The Pros and Cons of Commercial Window Tinting


Commercial window tinting offers many benefits for both homes and offices. With world-wide interest in green building that provides ways to conserve energy and reduce energy costs, builders and homeowners are looking closely at solar window tinting as a cost-effective solution. Take a look some at the pros and cons of solar window tinting for your home or business.

Homeowners, as well as office workers love the natural light that large windows provide. However, these large windows and walls of …

The Benefits of Tinting Office Windows

the-benefits-of-tinting-office-windowsIn California, there is no shortage of gorgeous landscapes, citrus fruit, and sunlight. While most abundance is greatly welcomed, too much sunlight can have a damaging effect on whatever surface it touches. As a result, you can use office window film to help reduce the harmful effects of sunlight.

When it comes to office window film, there are several benefits. Tinting office windows can greatly reduce the amount of heat absorbed in your building by up to 85%. At the …