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Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Protecting Those Commercial Windows From Vandalism

Protecting Those Commercial Windows From Vandalism

Are you tired of having to spend money repairing or replacing commercial windows damaged by vandals? From the removal of graffiti paint and glass etching to downright glass shatters, specialized commercial window film protects your business’s windows from vandalism. 

Security Window Film Products Protect Commercial Windows 

There are entire lines of security and safety window film products, specifically designed to protect commercial windows.  

Shatterproof film products 

Even without the work of vandals, your commercial windows are susceptible to breakage as

Protecting Your Assets: How Office Window Tinting Helps With Security

Protecting Your Assets: How Office Window Tinting Helps With Security

Why should you consider office window tinting? Well, the FBI estimates that close to 7.7 million property crimes took place in the U.S. back in 2017. Larceny-theft was the most common, accounting for 71.7% of all reported property crimes. Burglary ranks second, at 18.2%.

Together though, all these unlawful activities led to $15.3 billion worth of losses.

That said, it’s time you up your office’s security ante. Because every four seconds, a property crime happens. That crime’s next victim …

Window Film Protecting Your Business


As a business owner, you understand how important it is for your customers and employees to feel safe. Security window film provides an added layer of protection for your place of business, establishing a tough invisible barrier that defends your glass against break-ins, burglaries and even graffiti.

Safety and Security Window Film

More than 5,000 burglaries were reported in San Francisco alone last year, and while this number actually represents a drop since the previous year, the possibility of a …

All About Anti-Graffiti Window Film

all-about-anti-graffiti-window-filmIf you’ve been to Downtown Anywhere, you’ve seen graffiti. Recently, however, gentrification has pushed “taggers” into areas where graffiti was not typically seen. If you’re business has been the target of vandals, be aware that graffiti is more than annoying; it can cost you a lot of money. Windows (a favorite target) are expensive to replace, but that’s not all. The “broken window” effect encourages people to hit your business repeatedly, while failure to clean up graffiti can create the …