Why Your Business Should Invest In Window Film


There are several reasons why you should consider investing in commercial window film. Today, the purpose is to explore six common factors that indicate your business needs to invest in commercial window film. Let’s get started!

1. Asset Deterioration

The sun’s ultra-violet rays are the primary contributor to fade and deterioration of furniture, carpets, upholstery, wood flooring, and even artwork. This can significantly depreciate the value of your assets, leading to loss of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars if you tried to sell or donate your faded furnishings.

Fortunately, you can preserve the value of your assets by installing window film, which eliminates over 99% of harmful ultra-violet rays.

2. Excessive Glare and Brightness

Window film will reduce the sun’s annoying glare, thereby minimizing the excessive light that makes you squint your eyes. It will also enrich the visual quality of your view. With window film, the sky will look more attractive and blue. Likewise, the trees and grass will have a greener, healthier look.

Generally, the outdoors will just feel easy on your eyes. On top of that, window film allows you to open your window treatments much wider than ever before. Your glare issues will be significantly reduced, leaving you with a priceless view.

3. Unwanted Graffiti

Graffiti is among the most frustrating forms of vandalism on business premises. It can subject you to an unending cycle of washing, painting, repainting, and even worse, replacing the entire window when the graffiti proves hard to remove. In such situation, anti-graffiti window film would be your ideal solution.

Anti-graffiti window film is inexpensive and easy to install, and it will instantly create a protective layer for your windows.

4. High-Energy Costs

The heat from the sun is so hot that it results in more power being needed to maintain a comfortable working environment. In fact, even cars consume more gas when the air-conditioning system is on. This translates to high-energy bills. In this case, you need high-performance window films that will repel heat and insulate your windows efficiently without limiting visibility.

5. Compromised Privacy

Everyone wants to enjoy personal privacy in the sanctity of their workplace. That’s exactly what you get from installing window film. You’ll enjoy personal privacy all day, every day, at the same time adding a beautiful neutral exterior appearance. Neighbors, strangers, as well as service personnel, won’t be able to snoop on your daily activities from outside.

6. Frequent Window Shattering

If your window is prone to shattering by incidences beyond your control, like falling branches during a storm, playing children, or vandalism, then you should consider installing security window film. The window film will hold strong against the smashing and minimize the amount of glass that actually splits and falls onto the floor.

An easier clean-up and replacement situation is far much better to handle compared to the standard shattered window.

Today, we have more reasons than ever to use some kind of window treatment. From heat rejection and harmful ultra-violet ray’s protection, to the extra safety and security of commercial window films, having window films installed on your premises is a smart investment.

Window Film Protecting Your Business


As a business owner, you understand how important it is for your customers and employees to feel safe. Security window film provides an added layer of protection for your place of business, establishing a tough invisible barrier that defends your glass against break-ins, burglaries and even graffiti.

Safety and Security Window Film

More than 5,000 burglaries were reported in San Francisco alone last year, and while this number actually represents a drop since the previous year, the possibility of a break-in is something every business needs to be prepared for. Safety and security window film helps protect your business from criminals by defending some of its most vulnerable areas; storefront windows and doors.

This specialized security film holds glass together upon impact, making it very difficult to break. Would-be burglars might be surprised to discover that even as the glass itself cracks, the window film holds it firmly together in the frame. In addition to making it much more difficult for crooks to break into your business, safety and security window film also helps you out in a few other ways.

  • Catch Criminals in the act. Because it takes such great effort to break into your windows, criminals are likely to linger for a few extra seconds in front of your business, which gives security cameras a better chance to get a good look at them.
  • Protection against accidents. Accidents happen, and it doesn’t always take a hardened criminal to break a window. Window film is equally effective at avoiding accidental breakage, whether it’s slamming a door shut too hard or a display rack tipping over.
  • Safety during natural disasters. Safety and security window film doesn’t just protect you from break-ins. It also holds your window glass together during severe storms and earthquakes, making it safer and reducing the damages and cleanup costs.
  • Anti-vandalism defense. Whether it’s a brick, rock or something else, sometimes vandals break windows for seemingly no reason at all. If this happens, safety and security window film helps you avoid costly and time-consuming repairs.

You don’t have to sacrifice appearance for security. You can have decorative safety and security window film custom-made to include your business name, logo or any other information you desire. Tinted security film is also available to eliminate glare, block UV rays and reduce energy costs in your establishment.

Anti Graffiti Window Film

Graffiti is a real problem for many businesses in the Bay Area, and it can be one of the most frustrating forms of vandalism, creating an endless cycle of painting, washing, re-painting and—worst of all—replacing entire windows when the graffiti won’t wash off. Anti graffiti window film solves that problem.

Inexpensive and easy to apply, anti graffiti window film instantly creates a protective barrier for your windows. Most types of paint will wash right off the film’s smooth surface, and its 4 mil to 6 mil thickness keeps scratches and etchings from reaching the glass underneath. Best of all, if vandals use a type of marker or paint that doesn’t was off, all you have to do is peel of the window film and replace it. Your original window glass will be safe and secure underneath.

Safety and security window film is used to keep buildings safe all over the world, from local businesses in Northern California to the Royal Albert Hall in London. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business stay safe.

All About Anti-Graffiti Window Film

all-about-anti-graffiti-window-filmIf you’ve been to Downtown Anywhere, you’ve seen graffiti. Recently, however, gentrification has pushed “taggers” into areas where graffiti was not typically seen. If you’re business has been the target of vandals, be aware that graffiti is more than annoying; it can cost you a lot of money. Windows (a favorite target) are expensive to replace, but that’s not all. The “broken window” effect encourages people to hit your business repeatedly, while failure to clean up graffiti can create the impression that you aren’t professional or detail-oriented. Anti-graffiti window film can help. Here’s what you need to know.

How It Works 

Anti-graffiti window film is a clear, self-adhesive film that you can apply to windows, signage, or any other smooth, hard surface that you want to protect from taggers. It protects against traditional graffiti medium (such as spray paint) by providing a physical barrier between the medium and the surface. If your window or sign gets tagged, you simply remove the film and replace it. This type of window film also protects against newer forms of graffiti, such as scratching, acid etching, and permanent marker. The surface is highly resistant to scratching, almost all acids, and does not hold permanent marker marks. Because of these features, it discourages vandals (who tend to look for easy targets).

Who Can Use It?

Almost any company can benefit from anti-graffiti window film, but there are those who may find it especially useful. If your headquarters (or satellite offices) are located at the street level in high-traffic or low-income areas, you’ll enjoy the window protection the films offer. However, even if you’re on the 51st floor in the financial district, you may also have a use for it. Does your company have signs at bus stops, performing art complexes, or anywhere else within reach of potential vandals? If so, you should consider using window films over these important promotional materials. That way, you won’t have to pay for costly reprinting if they get messed with.

Other Advantages 

Though anti-graffiti window film’s primary purpose is to protect from “street artists,” it can also benefit your company in other ways. Used on windows, it cuts down on harmful UV rays, which can protect nearby furniture from sun damage. By providing a physical medium that holds windows together in the event of a breakage, it’s a good investment for business owners in areas prone to high winds or other severe weather, protecting both human safety and your business property. Also, when used on signs, this type of window film can protect against sun fading, hail, and pollution, protecting your investment and keeping your signage looking great for months or even years.

Final Thoughts 

If you’d like more information about how window films can help protect your investments, feel free to contact us today! Our friendly staff is ready to answer your questions and help you find the perfect service for your unique business needs. We also offer window tinting and a variety of decorative and safety window film products we’d love to show you.