There is a reason why we remind people that window film installation is not a DIY job. While online ads may boast cheap deals and offer instructions on how to install the films “like a pro,” the reality is that incorrect installation means that window film can damage your windows. 

The only way to ensure your windows remain unscathed, warranties intact, is to hire a professional window film or tint installer for your home, business, or automobile needs. 

Window Films Should Not Damage Your Windows 

Your windows will never be damaged when you select the right type of window film for the window and your needs, and it is installed by a licensed, professional window film installer.  

This is because: 

When you or a friend install window film, there are multiple issues that can go wrong, which can lead to window damage. And, unfortunately, window manufacturers consider their warranty null and void if your damaged window has window film (or shows signs of previous film marks) that weren’t installed by licensed professionals. 

Types of Damage Caused By Unprofessional Window Film Installation 

Here are the most common types of damage to windows when window film is installed incorrectly: 

Thermal heat stress and glass breakage 

Certain types of window glass can suffer from thermal heat stress and are not meant to have window film. These include: 

  • Insulated windows that are more than 10 years old or that have experienced seal failures in the past 
  • Clear, annealed glass that is more than ⅜-inch thick and with a heat rate absorption of 50% or more (you can get that information from the window manufacturer if you no longer have the paperwork) 
  • Tinted, annealed glass that is 3/4-inches thick or more 

If window film products are applied to the wrong type of window glass, it can cause thermal heat stress and that leads to seal failure, cracks, and or breakage.  

Broken seals that lead to foggy glass damage your windows

If window film is installed incorrectly, it can damage the seals around your double-paned windows. This is a shame because, when professionally installed, the right solar window film can transform double-paned windows into the equivalent of triple-paned versions.  

Unfortunately, inexperienced installers can inadvertently damage the windows’ seals, and this creates foggy window panes. And, even more unfortunately for the homeowners, this damaged seals and fogged windows must be repaired or replaced at their expense because the manufacturer will no longer honor the warranty. 

Your window warranties are voided 

When you work with licensed, experienced window film installers, they will assess each and every window you plan to cover with film. They will let you know if there are windows that shouldn’t have film installed on the glass, and honor the manufacturer’s recommendations for approved window film products for each, specific window model. 

On the flip side, if your windows fail for any reason, and their films were installed by yourself or an unlicensed installer, your window company automatically voids their warranty agreement. This leaves you paying for potentially costly window replacements – even if the damage or seal failure has nothing to do with the films. 

Protect Your Windows And Their Warranties 

The best way to protect your windows and their warranties is to work with a licensed, professional window film installer right from the get-go. We’ll let you know if there are any windows that shouldn’t have film so you can decide whether to skip them or replace them. We’ll also educate you about all of your options so you make the best choices about which window film products to install, and where.  

Schedule a consultation with Daystar Window Tinting. We’ve installed warranty-backed window film and tinting products for Bay Area home and business owners since the 1970s. We stand behind our products and make sure our window films only help – and never damage – your windows.