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10 Ways to Save on Energy Costs in Your Business

Small businesses are slaves to the bottom line. It doesn’t take much for the profit margin to shrink or expand, which is why paying attention to energy consumption – and energy efficiency – can be vital to a business. Looking for ways to save on energy costs in your business can start with very simple observations, corrections, and modifications. These savings will become evident as monthly utility bills continue to decrease over time. In fact, the majority of the suggested modifications will end up paying for themselves within the first year or two, meaning those savings will be actualized in the business account before you know it.

10 Ways to Lower Energy Costs at Home

Did you know the average American household spends almost 30 percent of their annual energy consumption on heating their home? That is closely followed by another 17 percent on cooling energy and about 14 percent towards their hot water tank usage. Most Americans pay...

Can Blackout Windows Help You Sleep Better?

Lack of sleep has been labeled a national epidemic in North America. While the average recommended sleep each night is 9 hours, Americans are getting 7 on average. It may not seem like much of a difference, but it’s impacting our general health. From our cognitive...