There are so many reasons why printed window films are an ideal application for businesses and office buildings. From brand recognition and promotion to privacy, glare reduction, or protecting your company’s assets, printed (also called decorative) window films have a range of applications that enhance your brick-and-mortar building from the inside out.

Printed Window Film For Businesses

While there are plenty of pre-designed prints to choose from, many Bay Area businesses opt to install custom-printed window film to increase visibility and brand recognition.

Use Logos, Colors or Images for Brand Visibility and Recognition

For example, you may be in the market for reflective window tinting for energy efficiency and privacy. However, you can reap both of those benefits – with the addition of built-in brand promotion – by selecting a printed window film that has your company business name, logo, colors, slogans and/or contact information.

High-definition printing technology has revolutionized the types of graphics or images you can display, as well as the quality and durability of the finished product. From printed window films that last for years, to seasonal imaging you can switch out throughout the year, there are all kinds of ways you can use decorative window film to your advantage.

Enhance daylighting without compromising privacy

The more cubicle or temporary wall dividers you put up, the more daylighting is lost per employee. Yet multiple studies show that daylighting boosts employee morale and productivity. Instead of using solid cubicle dividers or wall installations, consider glass or Plexiglas-type divisions that are covered with a decorative window film.

From basic frosted aesthetics to colors and patterns, you can select printed window film that lets that daylight flow through the workspace, while still providing employees or meeting rooms with privacy.

Obscure passersby view of screens

Today’s modern and minimalist office design and the previously-mentioned appreciation for natural light left conference and meeting rooms exposed to onlookers. If your company gives presentations using proprietary information or that inevitably displays clients’ sensitive data/information as part of quarterly meetings or management brainstorm sessions – combine the benefits of Casper Cloaking Technology with the artistic enhancement of printed window film.

Now, passersby won’t be able to read what’s up on your screens – or projectors – but can still appreciate an unobstructed view of the air space.

Protect your assets with printed window film for businesses

The more high-end technological gadgets are seen by the public from the outside, the less secure your company’s assets are on the inside. Our decorative window film can be used exclusively on exterior windows to ensure all computers, printers, and other high-tech equipments are hidden from outsiders view-ability.

This keeps prospective thieves or vandals from being tempted, and saves your company thousands of dollars in losses, damage or lost work time handling insurance claims. And, don’t forget that your film can be custom printed – providing security combined with promotional and advertising value.

Use it to promote your products, services or latest deals

When compared with high-dollar billboard costs, custom-printed window film with your logo on it is an affordable way to promote your company’s products, services, or latest deals. Using high-definition printing technology, we can transform your building’s large windowscapes into automatic billboards. The results are an exponential return on ROI because you’re using advertising space you’ve already paid for via your lease or building ownership.

Your options are almost limitless when you get your design and marketing teams to work, coming up with window film designs that are used for both interior and exterior applications. Professional installation is the final step to ensuring the window films are high-quality and that smooth, durable, and wrinkle/bubble-free application preserves the integrity of your logos, lettering, and patterns.

We Can Help Your Business

Interested in learning more about how printed window films can benefit your Bay Area business or storefront? Contact the team here at Daystar Window Tinting. We’ve provided top-quality window tinting and printed window film application for decades, and we’re committed to helping your business reap the benefits of your investment.