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Window Film for Privacy and Protection: A Popular Solution

When it comes to your home or office, you may want an increased level of privacy in certain areas, which curtains or blinds can’t seem to provide. An alternative to these traditional go-to solutions is tinted window film for privacy.

Popular Types of Window Film for Privacy

The most popular trend in window film for privacy purposes is frosted window film. The beauty of this type of window film is that it provides a high level of privacy, …

Home Window Tint for Skin Protection

Window Film Protects from Ultraviolet RaysThere are many reasons to take advantage of window film technology. Installing home window tint will protect your furnishings, decor and your health. In hot weather, your house will be cooler and in cold weather your house will be warmer greatly reducing your air conditioning and home heating costs.

Sunshine will fade anything from upholstery fabric to permanently vanishing that professionally rendered Ann Kullberg colored pencil masterpiece of your kids for which you paid a pretty penny. Lets also not …

Window Tint Curing: How Long Does it Take?

This is a question we get all the time. Window tint curing, or drying, generally takes a week, but can take as long as a month in rare cases. You should avoid excessively touching or cleaning the window film surface for the first 48 hours after install.

Window tint curing varies from product to product, and depends on the type of material used in the particular film you’re having installed. For instance you may expect metalized film will take longer …

Key Terms in Window Film

Here’s a list of key terms you might come across when researching window film and tinting:


The chemical layer that serves to bind a window film to glass or other smooth surface. Solutia’s Performance Films division offers a variety of such adhesives to serve different product needs. CDF (clear, distortion free), HPR (a pressure-sensitive adhesive called “high performance resin,” generally for automotive films and a few architectural products), PS (“pressure sensitive,” high impact, high peel-strength, generally for safety/security films), …