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Daystar Window Tinting has remained a family-owned and run company for 40-years and counting. This multi-generational success is the result of specialized and custom window tinting services combined with our unparalleled dedication to client fulfillment.

We provide contemporary window tinting and window film options for homes, workplaces, and commercial buildings and our professional specialists will spend as much time as possible, educating you about your options and custom-designing the window tinting options that make the most sense for your building, design style and tastes.


  • Residential window tinting
  • Commercial window tinting
  • Decorative window film products
  • Security and safety window tinting, including anti-graffiti products
  • Car window tinting
  • And more!

Top Quality Products and Expert Installation

From minimizing energy expenses and promoting energy efficiency, to removing glare and offering privacy and security, our UV window film choices are extremely versatile. Most importantly, all of our property and commercial window film products come with generous guarantees, safeguarding you versus the rare incident of bubbling, breaking or peeling.

Contact the team at Daystar Window Tinting to arrange your complimentary on-site assessment and estimate. You can likewise give us a call directly at 510-749-7505. Our prices are always reasonable, and there are never any surprises or hidden charges. We anticipate you what the ideal tint can make in your home and work life.

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Danville Home Window Tinting

Notice your couch or other home furnishings are fading faster than you’d like? Have a living room or bedroom that faces a busy street? Love the sunset view but worry about the next from the A/C required to keep a south- or west-facing room comfy? Residential window film is the solution to all of those problems and more.

Home window film increases energy performance and energy savings

Natural light is essential to a tidy, large and healthy interior atmosphere, however it can also damage home furnishings, interior comfort (in the of solar heat gain) and undesirable glare on screens and gadgets.

The right house window tinting solution will deal with these concerns, making sure home furnishings are protected from sun fading, but that your home will still enjoy sufficient daylighting. The darker window tint with the right level of reflection looks transparent from the inside however reduces solar heat gain, decreasing the load on your house’s heating and cooling systems. You’ll gain from lower energy spending and increased whole-home!

Personal privacy window tinting protects your view while blocking theirs

The Bay Area has sensational views and stunning streetscapes, and you hate to obstruct those with solid blinds or window treatments. That being said, your household likewise should have a little bit of privacy, particularly if windows look right into street, intersection, a high-traffic sidewalk or the neighbors’ surrounding windows.

Privacy window tinting ensures you get to keep your view of the outdoors, while avoiding curious passersby or next-door neighbors from having a view of your interior spaces. We provide all kinds of privacy window tinting– decorative window film choices that can boost personal privacy and interior décor in bathrooms or bed room windows.

Interested in finding out more about how window tinting can increase energy savings, personal privacy and your overall home comfort? Contact us here at Daystar Window Tinting and schedule a consultation.

Safety and Security Window Film is Suitable for Residences and Companies

Safety and security film is an incredible item; created to look similar to standard window tinting, this lightweight and durable window film acts in several security capacities.

Safeguard your house from glass damage

Whether it be an intruder trying to access, a stray ball from a close-by baseball field or one of our state’s notorious earthquakes, window tinting designed for security and security works to safeguard your window from glass breakage in the first location. In the event the window breaks, it will hold the broken window shards together and in place, preventing them from harming the building’s interior or harming residents and pets inside.

Enjoy anti-graffiti items together with solar control

Live or operate in a location where graffiti prevails? Part of our security and security window film lineup consists of anti-graffiti films. These tinting products are created to protect your windows from both paint or etching by sharp items. If your window becomes a target, you simply peel the protective layer away to expose the unscathed glass below.

One of our professional installers will do this work for you, rapidly changing the old film with a brand-new layer of anti-graffiti film so your organization looks its absolute best. Plus, when the transgressors recognize their work is instantly “erased,” they generally move on to other targets, suggesting the simple presence of your anti-graffiti window film stops the graffiti cycle completely.

Commercial Window Tinting

Just like homes, commercial structures likewise take advantage of window tinting items that decrease glare and lower fading, that protect the personal privacy of exposed workplace or work environment interiors and that lessen the company’s bottom line through energy performance. The representatives at Daystar Window Tinting will work with you and your designers to ensure each window has the window tinting item that serves it best.

Do you have interior glass offices or walls to promote natural light? We also offer decorative window film that keeps the glass’s openness while still producing a more private divider in between areas and improving the interior decoration.

Contact the Daystar window tint installers at 510-749-7505 to set up an on-site assessment, or contact us online to begin your complimentary quote.

Decorative Window Tint Options

Always wished you had a stained glass window in your house or workplace? Love the idea of glass partitions but wish they weren’t quite so transparent or dull? Want to promote privacy in a VIP workplace without making it seem like a cavern? window tinting options use a range of patterns, colors and styles — ensuring you or your designers will discover the exact right window film you’re looking for.

These semi-permanent window film choices are terrific for both home and business window tinting needs. They allow you to express your personal or branded style without completely altering windows by means of etching or paint removal, making them a perfect setup for leased structures. Plus, they also provide the capability to alter or update your structure’s interior decoration without having to entirely replace or reinstall costly windows or partitions.


Custom-made Bay Area Window Tinting Options for a Competitive Rate

There’s a reason why Daystar Window Tinting remains in its fifth decade of service to our Bay Area clients– we provide competitive costs and unparalleled customer support. The dedicated Daystar team pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and attention to information on all tasks from start to completion. We welcome you to visit our Yelp! Reviews to read pleased customer reviews for yourself.

Call us today at 510-749-7505 or contact us online and our group of specialist window tinting professionals will arrange a totally free, on-site quote and quote.