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Daystar Window Tinting is a family-owned and operated service in the San Francisco Bay Area in California for over 45 years, offering architectural window tinting. This multi-generational success results from expert and custom-made window tinting services combined with our unparalleled dedication to getting the job done with total client satisfaction. You can see our client feedback on Google and Yelp for many reviews from our customers with five stars.

We provide modern-day window film options for houses, offices, and commercial buildings. Our expert specialists will invest as much time as possible to ensure you are satisfied with our window film and glass coating applications. We do this by informing you about your choices and custom-designing the window tinting services that make the most sense for your building, design style, and tastes.

Alameda Window Film services

  • Residential window tinting
  • Commercial window tinting
  • Decorative window film products
  • Security and safety window tinting, including anti-graffiti products
  • And more!


Please note that we do not offer auto glass and car window tinting at this time.

Top Quality Window Film Products and Expert Installation

Our UV window film alternatives are highly flexible, from minimizing energy expenditures and promoting energy effectiveness to removing glare and offering personal privacy and security. Most importantly, our domestic and industrial window film items feature generous guarantees, safeguarding you against the unusual occurrence of bubbling, cracking, or peeling.

Contact the team at Daystar Window Tinting to arrange your free on-site assessment and quote. You can also give us a call directly at 510-749-7505. Our costs are competitive, and there are no surprises or hidden fees. We anticipate showing you the difference the ideal window film can make in your life at work and at home.

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Home Window Tinting in Alameda

Notice your couch or other home furnishings are fading faster than you‘d like? Have a living room or bedroom that looks out to a busy street? Love the sunset view but dread the next cooling bill? Residential window film is the answer to all of those problems and more!

House window tinting boosts energy performance and energy savings.

Daylight is key to a clean, roomy, and healthy interior atmosphere; however, it can ruin home furnishings, raise the interior temperature and cause unsightly glare. The best house window tinting product will resolve these concerns, ensuring home furnishings are safeguarded from sun fading but that your home will still take pleasure in adequate light. The darker glass tint with the ideal level of reflection looks transparent from within but reduces solar heat gain, minimizing the load on your house’s heating and cooling systems. You’ll love the lower energy costs and increased whole-home convenience!

Privacy window tinting protects your view while blocking theirs

The Bay Area has sensational views and stunning streetscapes; you don’t always want to obstruct those views with heavy blinds or window treatments. Your family also needs a bit of privacy, especially if windows look right into a busy street or the neighbors’ nearby windows.

Privacy window tinting guarantees you keep your view of the outdoors while avoiding curious passersby or nosy next-door neighbors from having a view of your house. We offer all types of privacy window tinting– consisting of decorative window film choices that enhance privacy and interior décor in restrooms or bedroom windows.

Are you intrigued by discovering how window tinting can increase energy cost savings, personal privacy, and overall home convenience? Contact us here at Daystar Window Tinting and arrange an appointment.

Safety and Security Window Film is Ideal for Residences and Businesses

Security and security window film is an incredible product; developed to look just like regular window tinting, this lightweight but durable window film acts in numerous security capabilities.

Safeguard your house from glass breakage

Whether it be a trespasser trying to get in, a stray ball from a close-by park, or one of our state’s infamous earthquakes, window tinting developed for safety and security works to protect your window from glass damage in the first location. If the window breaks, it will hold the damaged shards together and in place, preventing them from damaging the building’s interior or harming occupants inside.

Enjoy anti-graffiti products along with solar control.

Live or operate in a location where graffiti prevails? Part of our security and security window film lineup includes anti-graffiti films. These tinting products are created to safeguard your windows from both paint or etching by sharp objects. If your window is a target, you merely peel the protective layer away to expose the unharmed glass below. Our window tint installers will do this work for you, quickly changing the old film with a brand-new layer of the anti-graffiti film so your business looks its absolute best. Plus, when the offenders understand their work is so instantly “erased,” they generally carry on to other targets, implying the mere presence of your anti-graffiti window film stops the graffiti cycle completely.

Business Window Tinting

Like houses, industrial structures also gain from window tinting items that reduce glare and minimize fading, which protect the privacy of exposed workplace or work environment interiors, decreasing the company’s bottom line through energy efficiency. The representatives at Daystar Window Tinting will work with you to ensure each window has the window film product that serves it best.

Have interior glass offices or walls to promote natural light? We provide decorative window film that preserves the glass’s openness while creating a more private divider between areas and boosting the interior décor. Contact the Daystar window tint installers at 510-749-7505 to establish an on-site assessment, or call us online to begin your free quote.

Decorative Window Film Options

Constantly wish you had a stained glass window in your home or workplace? Love the concept of glass partitions but wish they weren’t so transparent or bland.?Want to promote privacy in a VIP workplace without making it seem like a cave? Decorative window tinting choices use a range of patterns, colors, and styles– ensuring you or your designers will find the suitable window film you’re looking for. These semi-permanent window film alternatives are excellent for residential and business tinting requirements. They enable you to express your personal or branded style without completely modifying windows using etching or paint elimination, making them a perfect setup for leased buildings. Plus, they can change or update your structure’s interior decoration without completely replacing or re-installing pricey windows or partitions.

Customized Alameda Window Tinting Options for a Competitive Cost

There’s a reason that Daystar Window Tinting remains in its 5th decade of service to our Bay Area clients– we offer competitive rates and unequaled customer service. The dedicated Daystar team prides itself on quality craftsmanship and attention to information on all jobs from start to finish. We welcome you to visit our Yelp! Reviews to check out satisfied client reviews on your own. Call us today at 510-749-7505 or contact us online, and our professional window tinting professionals will schedule a complimentary, on-site price and quote.

Questions and Answers


What time of year is best to tint windows?

Typically, the ideal times to tint windows are spring or fall because the low levels of moisture in the air and moderate temperatures ensure that the tinted film can securely adhere to the glass.

Do your window tinting products have guarantees or warranties?

Most window film warranties promise that the window tinting will keep its solar reflective qualities and adhesion without breaking down or delaminating from the glass. Additionally, discoloration-related changes to appearance are frequently covered by warranties. We will provide full warranty details provided by the manufacturer after installation.

What is the number one benefit of window tinting?

There are many benefits, but the primary benefit is the protection of people and property from the reduction of harmful UV rays inside your home or business.

Do window films come off?

Yes, window film can be removed. Just about anyone can remove window film with adhesive-dissolving solvents, such as dish soap, vinegar, or an ammonia-based cleaner, is one of the main removal tools you’ll need. You’ll also require a wide window scraper and/or a utility razor blade.

Do you only install in Alameda?

No, we are based in Castro Valley and offer our services in many Bay Area cities, like Oakland and San Leandro.

Does your company come to our home or business to provide a quote?

Yes, we will come to your home or business to take measurements and review the site for film recommendations to give accurate estimates.

Do you offer glass repair services?

In some cases, yes, we can do repairs of glass windows defaced by vandals, though results will vary depending on how deep the scratch is.

Window Film Facts

1. Window film is a thin laminate film that can be installed on the interior or exterior of glass surfaces in automobiles and buildings.

2. It is typically made from polyester and is available in various shades, colors, and transparencies.

3. Window film reduces the heat, glare, and UV rays entering buildings or vehicles while allowing natural light to pass through.

4. It can also be used to add privacy, reduce fading of furniture, and provide decorative effects.

5. Window film is typically installed using water and mild detergent and then squeegeed into place.

6. The adhesive used in window film is designed to last many years but may need to be replaced over time.

7. Window film is available in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from 1 mil to 10 mils.