Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to save money on energy bills while protecting their investments.

Residential window film allows you to do both by significantly slashing the amount of money you spend every month on heating and cooling, offering protection against broken glass and thefts, and protecting your family against UV damage.

Residential Film Facts 

Below is a list of 8 additional ways in which residential window film cuts your expenses, protects your family and gives you that much more peace of mind.

Save Money Month-to-Month.  The U.S. Department of Energy has revealed two very important findings about homeowner’s monthly energy expenses.

The first finding reveals that nearly one-third of energy literally goes out the window – approximately 30% of energy used to heat and cool a home isn’t retained because windows that haven’t been treated with film simply don’t insulate as well. The second finding, which may be even more staggering for cash-strapped homeowners, is that this residential waste adds up to $35 billion dollars annually!

Treating your windows with window film can significantly reduce this waste and save you, on average, over fifty dollars per month on your energy bills.

Year-Round Savings.  The good news is that, although the benefits of window film are usually touted with respect to preventing heat gain in the summer, you experience the benefits on a year-round basis. Window film helps to retain warmth, and money spent on heating, from September to February, as well.

Improved Household Comfort.  Speaking of winter, there’s really nothing more uncomfortable to your guests, family and even pets than a draft making its way through an uninsulated, untreated window. A potent one-two punch for overcoming this discomfort is applying window film to your windows to maximize heat retention in winter and minimize heat gain in summer and, secondly, caulking any obvious openings along your windows and doors.

Reduce Theft and Increase Privacy.  Window film helps to prevent people from looking into your home’s front picture windows and lends a sense of privacy to your whole home.

Keep Your Furniture Fresh.  Energy from the sun takes a few forms. The visible light that we clearly perceive, infrared radiation, and the ultraviolet radiation that we don’t perceive. Among these, ultraviolet radiation is by far the most destructive in terms of prematurely aging your furniture and causing fading to your household valuables. It’s time you started blocking upwards of 99% of these corrosive UV rays with window film.

Protect Against Skin Cancer.  As surprising as it might sound, improperly tinted windows can expose your family to the dangerous UV-B rays that dermatologists and oncologists believe predisposes you to melanoma (skin cancer). Window film is designed to keep these UV rays out of your home and, consequently, keep your family out of harm’s way.

Glare Reduction Benefits of Film.  A lot of homeowners are shocked to find how much they were sacrificing before window film in terms of having to squint past picture windows and not being able to clearly see their television and computer screens. Window films lessen the amount of glare in your home and significantly reduce screen washout on computers and TVs.

Window Film to Match Your Decor.  Window film has a great reputation for blocking UV rays and giving you more privacy, but a somewhat less stellar reputation when it comes to improving the decor of your home. In a lot of ways this is unfair: Decorative window film can significantly improve the look of your home. This is just a suggestion but many homeowners like the look of frosted white windows in their kitchens and bathrooms.