Daystar Window Tinting currently DOES NOT offer car window tinting services. We do offer architectural window film and window tint installation for homes, offices, commercial properties, and more.

Most people don’t tackle DIY auto tinting because they love to apply window film. They do it to save money. Unfortunately, this almost always backfires because DIY window film projects are obvious. The bubbles that form, the peeling, the flaking, the crummy aesthetics, and the excess condensation all wind up sending DIY auto tinters to the professionals to get the job done right. 

If you are researching how to apply your own car window tint, we ask that you review these seven reasons to avoid DIY auto tinting.  

Avoid These 7 Major DIY Auto Tinting Snafus 

Yes, we are professionals who make a living applying tinted and decorative films for cars and buildings. That is also why we know applying auto tinting takes high-quality products, time, expertise, and serious attention to detail.

Scratching, etching, breaking or damaging your car windows

First and foremost, the biggest reason to hire professionals to apply your tinted window film is that you can seriously and permanently damage the window with self-application. Usually, this damage occurs as the result of applying too much pressure and/or using a blade to remove and reapply misapplied film to reapply it. 

During this removal and re-do process, car owners notoriously scratch, etch, crack, break, or damage their windows. There’s no recourse for this other than the car owner having to replace their car window at their own expense.  

Read Can Window Film Damage Your Windows to learn more about how the wrong product and DIY 

Choosing the wrong product

There are so many different auto-tinting products on the market. These range from standard window tint products to more innovative and specific tinting products, such as ceramic or carbon window tinting. Each has its own pros and cons, and you are likely to fall under the spell of marketing tactics – whether than practical tactics – investing in more expensive products you don’t necessarily need. 

Working with professionals means getting a more realistic and practical overview of what your product options are and choosing the right one for your car and your needs. 

Raising your risk of a car accident

Your car windows are key safety features for the driver and passengers. Any visual obstruction due to misapplied film or a damaged window increases the odds of getting in a car accident. While we advocate that professionally installed window film can increase driving safety, the opposite is also true. 

Any mistakes in window film selection or application can actually decrease driving safety. 

Applying tint illegally

California DMV and the Highway Patrol are both sticklers about auto window tint and visibility. If you apply a window tint that is too dark to the wrong windows, you’ll get a “fix-it” ticket. If that is on record and you haven’t removed the tint and/or replaced it with a legal option, you’ll be ticketed again, this time sending you to traffic court and paying a steeper fine. 

If you are involved in a car accident and you have illegal tint on your windows, there is a chance that you will be held liable for a greater portion of the fault than you would have otherwise. 

Not having enough patience, a steady hand, or meticulous attention to detail

We’re going to be honest with you. Professional window film installers have an incredible level of patience, the ability to follow careful and methodical instructions and processes, and attention to detail. Does that sound like you? If not, think twice before taking on a DIY auto tinting job. 

We professional window film and tint installers have a tremendous amount of patience and work meticulously to ensure auto and other window tints and films are applied perfectly. If you are someone who gets irritated after 10 or 15 minutes of working to perfectly prepare a surface, apply a very thin and delicate layer of film, even it all out incrementally without rushing, etc., your DIY job will go poorly.  

Devaluing your car

While professionally applied window tint can enhance your car’s aesthetics, which elevates its value – especially if you’ve chosen a high-quality window tinting product. The reverse is also true. We’ve all seen horrible and obviously DIY window tint jobs. Among other issues, the bubbling alone is ugly and distracting.  

So, as you can imagine, if you have a DIY tint job that is bubbling, peeling, or changing colors – your car will simply not be worth as much as it would without any tint at all. 

Your car looks terrible as a result of your DIY auto tinting

Last but not least, most people apply tinting for vanity purposes. Yes, auto tinting reduces glare, keeps a car cooler, can enhance vehicle security, and all that jazz. But, first and foremost, the majority of our customers appreciate the sleek and classy look that auto tinting provides for their prized vehicles. If you apply the auto tint yourself, it’s simply never going to look as good as if you trust the job to the professionals.

Hire a Pro

If you’re thinking about installing window tint yourself because you’ve watched a few YouTube videos on the matter, we’d like you to reconsider. There are plenty of professional car window tinting companies in the Bay Area and we recommend you check Google and Yelp reviews to find the right one in your city.