Did you know that the average American uses 10,812-kilowatthours a year on energy?

That’s a lot of energy and a lot of money being spent. Plus, it isn’t that great for the environment.

Everyone is looking to save money and move towards a green home. There are several options for doing so without sacrificing your lifestyle. One of those ways is to tint your window’s home.

Home window tinting may be a concept that you weren’t aware of. But you’d be surprised how many homeowners are picking up on this new trend.

Read on if you’ve never heard of this before, and are interested in learning about the many benefits of home window tinting.

1. You Won’t Need to Run Your Furnace as Often

During the winter months, you have to run your furnace to keep your home warm.

But as temperatures drop, your furnace runs more often. This means that you’re paying high energy costs that you may not be aware can be avoided. All of that can be reduced when you tint your home’s windows.

So how does that work?

The tinting of the windows in your home allows light to reflect off of them. This means all the warm air coming from your furnace will be kept within your home instead of being let out of your windows. Adding window tint will also save you tons of money on heating costs by keeping most of the heat inside your home.

This means all the warm air coming from your furnace will be kept within your home instead of being let out of your windows. Adding window tint will also save you tons of money on heating costs by keeping most of the heat inside your home.

2. Reduce Your Electric Bill

On the flip side, one of the benefits of home window tinting is that you can reduce your electric bill during the warmer summer months. Are you sick of keeping your blinds down worried that you’ll only allow in more warm sunlight? The extra heat coming in from your windows can increase your home energy bill significantly.

It can also make your home a tad uncomfortable during the warmer months with all of the extra heat coming from the windows. You should be comfortable in your own home.

Window tinting can also keep the heat from the sun from entering your home. This means that you can open your blinds and curtains and enjoy the summer sunlight without sacrificing your energy bill.

3. Lessen Effects of UV Rays

We all know that UV rays are harmful to us and our families. In fact, about 90% of sun cancer cases are related to the harmful UV rays from the sun. You protect your family when you’re outside by using sunscreens with SPF in them.

But did you know you can also protect them while they’re indoors as well? Chances are, you never considered this a problem.

One of the best benefits of home window tinting is the protection you’ll get from harmful UV rays. The thin, protective lining of the tint keeps the rays at bay.

You may also notice that some of your furnishings and other home decor are starting to fade. This is in part due to the UV rays that are present when you have standard windows without tint. Home window tinting will prevent further sun damage to your fabric curtains and other furniture.

4. You’ll Be Protected From Damage to Your Windows

Chances are, you don’t plan to have your windows broken or damaged. But things do happen. Factors such as a home break-in or a damaging storm can harm your windows. Once they’re broken it’s not only a costly repair. It is also a time-consuming cleanup.

Plus, the glass that’s shattered can cause personal damage to you or your family members if they’re present at the time of breaking.

One of the benefits of home window tinting is that the thin layer that protects your from the UV rays will also protect your glass from breaking or shattering. It also makes the window resistant to any types of bumps that may occur when you’re inside or outside of your home.

5. Extra Privacy

Don’t you wish you could keep your blinds open all the time?

Some people enjoy sitting in front of their window when they read or watch television. However, you may feel as though you’re exposed when you keep your blinds or curtains open.

You should feel comfortable in the privacy in your own home without sacrificing the natural light that you get with an open window.

That’s another of the many benefits of home window tinting.

The layer of film that’s applied to your windows to tint them also provides extra privacy for your home. One of the best options you can choose from is the tint that allows you to see clearly outside while the outside cannot see you.

There are also several options as far as style and color if you choose to create a dramatic look to your tinted windows.

Some of the places you can put this privacy tint include:

  • Private spaces like your bathroom
  • Bedrooms
  • Large windows that face the street

If you’d like, you can even add the tint to any room in the house to make you feel extra private in your own home.

Reap All the Benefits of Home Window Tinting

Your home is probably the largest investment you’ll ever make. So why not protect it as much as you can? Window tinting allows you to do so.

When you decide to tint your home’s windows, you’re saving tons of money on your heating and cooling costs without having to sacrifice your lifestyle. You’ll also keep your family safe from harmful UV rays that can filter in through exposed windows.

One of the biggest benefits is that you’ll also keep your family protected from shattering glass should your window break unexpectedly. You’ll get additional privacy in the most private spaces of your home with the thin layer of film that’s added to each window.

Are you interested in installing tint to your home’s windows? Contact us today for a free quote. We’d be happy to help you continue to protect your family and your home.