When you want to update the look of your windows, curtains and window blinds are usually the first thing to come to mind. But when you’re wanting something a bit different, that’s when decorative window film could be the answer.

Most people think decorative film is just for that – decoration. But it might surprise you to learn it has uses for so much more.

Let’s look at 10 creative uses for decorative window film that is more than just decorative.

Hide Kitchen Cabinet Contents

Do you have glass cabinet doors in your kitchen? Or thinking about putting some in?

Glass panels added to cabinet doors are very popular. They tend to open up the visual space in a kitchen and give it a light, airy feeling.

What isn’t so popular, however, is seeing all the pantry items behind them. Or having to keep your plates and glasses perfectly lined up to make it look neat and tidy.

But with decorative window film, you can have the best of both worlds. Keep the glass panes you love while adding the much-needed privacy.

And with the variety of finishes to choose from, there’s a film that will blend in with any kitchen decor.

Add Privacy To A Shower Door

Maybe you loved the look of your glass shower door when you first moved in. It served you well when you were newly married, but now you have kids and the bathroom has turned from “ours” to “everybody’s”.

You need to add privacy. But you don’t want to foot the bill for a whole new shower door.

Decorative window film can solve that problem. Apply the film to the shower door to get the privacy you need while keeping that extra cash in your wallet.

Stop Glare From High Windows Or Skylights

High accent windows and skylights are great for letting in lots of natural light while maintaining privacy. But that comes at the cost of sometimes letting in too much glare and damaging UV rays.

But getting window treatments can be pricey, especially if they are custom made. And they’re unreasonable to use if the windows are out of reach.

Use window film to block out the unwanted glare and UV rays. It will still let in the light you want without messing with the hassle of window treatments.

Create A One-Way Mirror

Decorative reflective window film has more ways than one use.

It can turn that antique flea market window you found into the perfect mirror for the entryway wall.

Or, if you want to be able to fully see out an exterior window but you don’t want anyone to be able to look in – make it a one-way mirror. You get all the privacy you want without an obstructed view.

Sidelight Privacy

Sidelights can give any front door major character. But with the character comes a lack of privacy. Any nosy neighbor can walk by and get a peek at what’s going on inside your home.

Get your privacy back with the help of decorative window film. Choose a finish that compliments the features of your front door.

That way, you’re not only adding privacy, you’re also upping the character and customization of your beloved sidelights.

Frosted Bathroom Door Privacy

Finding a great glass door at an antique shop or flea market can feel like a huge win. You’d love to add some character and swap out your current bathroom door with it. But how practical is a glass door for a bathroom??

Very practical if you use some decorative window film.

frosted finish or etched glass gives the privacy you need while still keeping the character and letting light through.

For an added piece of whimsy, apply the word “Private” to the window as well.

Faux Stained Glass

Stained glass is timeless. It’s beautiful. And it’s also very expensive.

If you want to add the look of stained glass without the price, apply a faux stained glass film to any window.

And it doesn’t have to be only exterior windows. Use it on glass kitchen cabinets, the mirror above your fireplace, or as an accent behind the bar in your game room.

Cover An Unsightly View

Do you live in the city with the perfect view of a brick wall? Or maybe your neighbor has parked an RV outside your window?

Sure, you can shut the blinds or curtains to block the unsightly view, but that also blocks out all the natural light that could be coming in.

Why not use decorative window film instead? Not only will your view improve, but you also get to choose exactly what you’ll be looking at. Whether it’s a mural, stained glass, or any other finish. It’s sure to let the beauty and natural light in while keeping the ugly out.

Cover Half A Window

Sometimes you only need partial privacy from your windows. And in situations like this, covering half the window with decorative film is your answer.

It could be on a kitchen window, just above the sink. You can wash the dishes in privacy while still being able to watch the kids playing outside.

Or in the first-floor half bath. The covered bottom half of the window stops anyone walking by from seeing in, yet you still get a clear view of the sky and all the natural light.

Enhance Interior Windows and Mirrors

If you have decorative interior windows above any doors or between rooms, make a feature out of them. Adding film to make it look like more of an architectural feature rather than a blank space adds character to any room.

The same can be said of decorative mirrors. You can make a new mirror look old, frosted for the holidays, or whatever décor you’re going for.

Decorative Window Film Combines Beauty with Functionality

The possible uses for decorative window film are endless. And when you add in its beauty and budget-friendly price, it turns out it’s the perfect package.

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