Commercial Window Tinting

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Commercial Window TintingCommercial window tinting has many benefits for private and commercial spaces. It is a great way to reduce maintenance costs while increasing the green profile of a home or office. Without spending a whole lot, commercial window tinting protects glass, reduces harmful sun rays, and increases the longevity of furnishings by reducing the effects of direct sunlight. Commercial window tinting is so cost effective that it will probably save you money over the long run. Anyone interested in this important service should read on to learn about the benefits involved in commercial window tinting.

The most traditional use of commercial window tinting is to reduce and control the strong direct sunlight that can be magnified by unprotected glass. Not only does tinting create a more soothing atmosphere, it will increase the energy retention, reducing heating and air conditioning costs. A wide array of shades and colors means that this desirable effect can be achieved without sacrificing the interior design, whatever it might be. The developers of commercial window tinting technology have taken this idea further, creating many kinds of graphic film for architectural use.

At a fraction of the cost, commercial window film is a great way to create the effect of beveled or etched glass in doors and partitions. Frosted or colored films can create privacy without the hassle of blinds that need to be cleaned and maintained. Moreover, any degree of opacity or tint can be achieved so that you can choose exactly how transparent a window remains. Using these same techniques, tinting film is available in a host of pre-fabricated patterns or can be custom-cut so that large windows or glass partitions can be easy transformed into important design elements or to showcase logos or advertising.

Many people do not realize that installing commercial window tinting significantly increases the impact resistance of window glass. If installing film prevents even one large window from breaking over the life of your office space, you have already taken a huge step toward recouping the initial installation cost of commercial window tinting. Anti-graffiti films have become popular as an un-noticeable sacrificial layer that protects architectural glass from everything from scratches to paint to acid etching. This is an easy and unobtrusive way to potentially save thousands.

If for no other reason, commercial window tinting can greatly contribute to overall office health and safety. Solar treated window film is designed to reject much or all ultraviolet light that can prove extremely harmful to skin over time. The same technology increases energy retention and helps to maintain even temperatures. Although it may seem like a small detail, the effect of sun glare on employee vision can also add to up to extra insurance costs as well as more worker sick days and reduced efficiency at the office.

Commercial window tinting is an inexpensive and simple way to install high-technology protection in any home or workspace. Besides reducing energy bills and creating a more comfortable and healthy work area, commercial window tinting increases the longevity of your architectural glass investment while offering a huge spectrum of inexpensive design choices. With the potential savings and efficient benefits that commercial window tinting provides, it is hard to think of a reason why not to install it.