Increase Your Green Footprint With Green Houses

Energy efficiency and green living are popular these days and for good reason. Living green and increasing your green footprint both saves money and helps protect the environment.After all, we get one Earth, and we're quickly doing irreparable damage to our planet. Of NASA's 134-year record keeping, all but one of the hottest 16 years have occurred since 2000.That alone is enough incentive for most people to invest in green living. Though if you're still not convinced, even just installing window tints … [Read more...]

How Residential Window Tinting Can Lower Energy Costs

Even though the summer solstice falls on June 21st this year, the sun's rays will be turning up the heat much sooner than that. While spending the day basking in the hot sun is great when poolside, it's less enjoyable when you're inside and trying to relax. Higher temperatures outside drive interior temperatures up as well, meaning a hotter (and more expensive) home for you. Summer energy costs can easily break the bank if you're not prepared. We can help you save.Read here to learn how residential window tinting … [Read more...]

4 Positive Effects of Residential Window Tinting

You’ve invested plenty of time, pride, and money in your home. How you protect your assets (and your comfort) is equally important. Your stylish lounge suite, wooden floors, and drapes are exposed to sunlight for 16 hours each day. UV rays bleach, dry out and crack everything they touch, but today’s films can block out 99% of harmful rays. Window tinting has benefits far beyond the obvious.Shatter ResistanceIf you have pets and children, windows are a major safety hazard. Shattering glass causes 150,000 injuries … [Read more...]

Window Tinting vs Window Treatments

When decorating your home, one of the big design choices you’ll need to make is how to block the sun and preserve privacy. There are several routes you can take when it comes to window treatments. The traditional route is to use blinds and curtains to accessorize the room, keep the heat of the sun out, and prevent the neighbors from peering in. An alternative option is to use window tinting film, an ingenious invention that is applied directly to the window pane. To help you choose the best option for your home, read on … [Read more...]

DIY Window Covering Ideas

You can touch up your home’s interior design, and give creative abilities some more attention, with these easy and interesting DIY window treatments. From refashioning everyday home items to one-of-a-kind designs, your window treatments will become a focal point in every room.Refashion Your LinensYou will save money, and time, by refashioning linens, like bed sheets and tea towels into new window treatments.  Take one or two old sheets. Begin by dying them to your desired color or colors. Then add in your own … [Read more...]

Why Window Film Bubbles

In some especially sunny regions of the country, you find that many of the residential windows are tinted to soften the glare of the midday sunlight streaming through the windows. Oftentimes, if you look closer, you’ll see blemishes that look like bubbles on the windows – trapped within the tint work. Why do residential window film bubbles form, and how can you minimize or eliminate their formation on your own windows? We’ll explore what causes them in the following; the information also helps you avoid them if you want … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Reflective Window Film

Windows play a significant role in the comfort, function, and beauty of a home, and as much as they bring to a home, they can also contribute to issues associated with high energy bills, lack of privacy and interior deterioration. Window film helps resolve many of the problems associated with aging or poorly placed windows in an affordable and noninvasive way.Benefits of window films include:Lower energy bills. Unless they’re rated as Energy Star or thermal-rated for efficiency, windows provide almost no … [Read more...]

How Window Tinting Can Save Your Business Money

According to the US Small Business Administration, about 40 percent of what businesses pay for energy goes towards heating and cooling. There are many factors in this cost with one of the main ones being windows. Consider the fact that many older commercial buildings are still equipped with single-paned windows.A single-paned window has a U-factor of 1.07, which means that it is a very poor insulator. Heat can travel from the inside to the outside easily in the winter and from the outside to the inside in the … [Read more...]

Decorative Window Film: A Stained Glass Alternative

For centuries, stained glass windows have graced have graced the most important buildings in the Western world. Everything from cathedrals and museums to stately homes and schools have all used them - almost to no end. At once, these serve both an artistic and a functional purpose. They are, by any definition, the epitome of what a window should accomplish. Unfortunately, they are also extremely expensive to create and install.Interior designers and other aficionados of stained glass windows understand this last … [Read more...]

Knowing When it’s Time to Replace Your Homes Old Window Tinting

Most homeowners love the natural light that their windows let in during the day. If you’re lucky enough to have a home with a breathtaking view, you probably spend a lot of time standing and sitting around those windows as well. They might even be the main attraction for visitors and guests.Too much sun can be a problem when it comes to your home’s health and the functionality of your space, however. That’s why so many people have chosen to use window tinting to tame the sun in their home. Even commercial buildings … [Read more...]